Since 2015, we have the vision that playing games can create memorable moments and instantly allow people to bond with each other. We also firmly believe these games can become a powerful tool for a brand that wants to interact with a consumer. We are a team of passionate people driven by the fostering of emotions.

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Please don’t think we deliver boring and overused ideas that have been seen thousands of times! At JEUX SPIN, our mission is to reinvent event entertainment. It is with this challenge in mind that we fill our inventory with several original creations, made from local resources. Now, it’s up to you to enjoy!

Create great memories at your next event with our games festival planner. Our service is all-inclusive as we provide transportation to your location as well as installation and teardown of games structures.

Unique and never seen games for your festival

Whether your event is for a young or older generation, playing games is the perfect way to challenge, entertain, relax and bring out the best in people. We remind you that there is no age limit to have fun and that everyone has a child’s heart deep inside!

Our Ambassador team will help you change up the scene for your festival-goers and create great interactions with them. It is also possible to embellish everything with the help of our festival planner by adding a master of ceremony, a DJ and/or sound equipment with lighting.

Personalize everything to the image of your sponsors
(marketing activation)

There is also a possibility to brand our games with a specific partner name or logo. Our games were created with space for branding to accommodate all types of client we work with, and it will be a pleasure to have our festival planner and graphics department guide you in the process.. The “wow factor” of our games will increase your notoriety among your target audience, that we are convinced.

Visit our Marketing Activation Service page for more information.

Wherever you want, we'll go!
Our services are mobile, and our team will travel to wherever your event takes place. We operate throughout Quebec, Ontario, Montreal, through the South Shore, North Shore, Laval, Gatineau, Sherbrooke, St. Jerome and more.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our adaptable services.
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