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The Wall

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The Wall

The WALL is a blazing invention: he shines everywhere he goes! Some will say that he “steals the show” sometimes but don’t worry, behind this facade lies an intelligent and profound creature. This super computer has no less than 50 different game modes: speed mode, several memory games, one VS one competition, you can even play with balloons to trigger the sensors!

The possiblilities are endless: brand activations, big sports events, tradeshows, corporate parties… Perfect for a successful gamification. Did you know that the human brain is more receptive when it learns the rules of a game? It would be crazy to try to get in touch with a potential customer during this moment !? OK I got carried away, but it gives you an idea. The WALL, available now!


Players :

2 to 12

Age :

6 +

Game modes :

More than 50

Minimum space:


Ideal space:



X minutes


X minutes


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