Since 2015, we have the vision that playing games can create memorable moments and instantly allow people to bond with each other. We also firmly believe these games can become a powerful tool for a brand that wants to interact with a consumer. We are a team of passionate people driven by the fostering of emotions.

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Marketing Activation

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Who wouldn’t want to link fun with their brand?!
Increase your brand impact on your next marketing activation by creating a wow factor that will spark your consumers’ smile and differentiate you from the grumpy competition! By allowing us to brand our games with your logo you will save tons in the process of building your footprint.

You promotional marketing campaign elevated through our games

Higher brand visibility

Strategic communication

Fun way to deliver key messages

Creating a positive experience around your brand.

A team dedicated to flawless field marketing execution.

We are a team of individuals passionate by sports and games, and our commitment is to share that passion to our games players. Every project we thrive to reach excellence by optimizing playability and interactivity of our games.

We operate everywhere in Quebec, from our headquarters in Montreal to Sherbrooke, Quebec, Gatineau and everywhere in between. Our team will show up on time and deliver, whatever needs to be done. Ottawa and Toronto can be served as well.

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You have a custom game request? We will build it for you.

There is a continuous effort a Jeux Spin to create new concepts and innovate. We therefore have the expertise and tools to give life to your ideas. A good way to increase your brand awareness on the street is to go off the beaten path in regards to your marketing activations. Funky games and the experiential marketing has never been more relevant in a era governed by digital consumption.

  • Our custom making built skills are available upon demand, depending on our production and the time of the year.
  • Must expect 3 to 8 weeks delivery
  • 3D plan upon request
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